Garages and Out Buildings 

This detached garage was built from scratch for a car enthusiast!
The garage was also built with 2 doors and 4 windows and can fit at least 2 cars. Now THAT'S a "Man Cave"!!!

Now let us show you another project that we are very proud of! A brand new, 12 lane shooting bench that we custom built for Lebanon Valley Sportsman Association in Robesonia, PA

First we had to level everything out to get ready. Kris Beisswanger, the owner of Outdoor Solutions, LLC did an amazing job!! He's the guy in the picture.

then it was time to install the sauna tubes and start filling them with concrete
After that, the structure could start going up
Time for the metal roof to go on. Not only was this a very durable & cost effective option, but it also increased safety for the shooters
Now that it's under roof, we could start on the custom shooting benches
Wooden lattice was chosen to go between each shooting lane. The benches were built so that the lattice could be easily replaced if needed due to normal wear and tear. Slide the old one out and slide the new one in. The lattice will also protect the people
The Finished Product!

Thank you to the Lebanon Valley Sportsman Association for your confidence in us, and for all that you do for the youth in our area, the support of all the shooting sportse and your excellent archery program. Also, thank you for the you give to our fish and wildlife. Check these great folks out at

Also a big THANK YOU to Kris Beisswanger, owner of Outdoor Solutions, LLC for the incredible job you did preparing the site. It was perfect! Check out Outdoor Solutions, LLC at

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